AcneGONE Soap (3.5 oz.) is germicidal soap recommended for use to cleanse skin before applying the medicated healer.  It can also be used as a deep everyday skin cleanser as it eliminates residues and excess oil, clears up pimples, unclogs pores and eliminates bacteria with its germicidal action.

AcneGONE Medicated Healer (4 fl. oz.) is a powerful medication (with NDC #) which removes blackheads, penetrates deeply into pores to clear existing breakouts, closes open pores and helps prevent new pimples and blemishes from forming.  The medicated healer contains Alpha - Beta Hydroxy Acids to help smooth the tone of the skin by fading away skin discoloration

AcneGONE Serum (4 fl. oz.) is applied after medicated healer is dry to hydrate, soften, rejuvenate and lighten skin.  Also contains Hydroxy Acids.

AcneGONE Shampoo (8 fl. oz.)
with conditioner, when used regularly, prevents oil from the scalp and hair from spreading into the forehead, promoting acne.  The shampoo leaves the hair fresh and shinny.

AcneGONE Support Complex (60 capsules) provides an all-natural supplement with a special formula to form the foundation for health skin.   It helps fight harmful toxins that cause acne, and enhances anti-viral and anti-inflammatory activity.

AcneGONE is a registered product of I.G. Enterprises, Inc.
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AcneGONE is a line of all-natural acne treatment products especially created for the ethnic market.  The line is based on a proven formula which has helped relieve acne problems across the world since 1916.   Has NDC # from FDA.